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August 30, 2015

Healthy Snacks In-a-box (45 Count)

Healthy Snacks In-a-box (45 Count)

Healthy Snacks In-a-box (45 Count)

  • The mix of sweet and savory snacks in each box provides something for everyone to love.
  • Select as a gift at checkout to include a gift message.
  • Each box includes a variety of 45 individually wrapped single serve snacks.
  • Perfect for businesses, work meetings, office break rooms, student care packages, sports team snacks, parties, and much more.
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Healthy Snacks In-a-box are filled with 45 individual size snacks. By providing healthy snacks for the people you care about, you give them the food their bodies crave while helping them avoid junk food typical of most snack options. Each box contains: 2- Popchips, 3 Nature Valley Granola Bars, 3 Popcorners, 2 Kars Mango Pineapple Trail Mix, 2 The Whole Earth Kettlecorn, 3 Sahale Crunchers, 4 Herr’s Popped Chips, 2 Bare Fruit Dried Fruit, 2 Kar’s Cranberry Almond Delight, 3 Good Natured Multigrain Crisps, 2 Wonderful Pistachios, 2 Skinny Pop Popcorn, 2 Oksri Organic Bars, 3 Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, 2 Honey Stinger Waffle Bars, 2 Simply Fruit real Fruit Twists, 2 Appleways Oatmeal Bars, 2 Mr. Nature Rice Cracker Mix, 2 Mr. Nature Unsalted Trail Mix.

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List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 49.95