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Blarney Grilled Cheese & Chutney Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Photo by DonES.

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My Irish family has been telling me for yrs (ok, decades) that I was full of blarney & now I get a chance to make it work for me!.

Blarney Grilled Cheese & Chutney Sandwich

by Mary Pat (aka twissis)

Ingredients: butter, cheese, chutney, bread


Spread 1 tsp softened butter on each slice of bread (may use more as needed).
Spread 1 tbsp chutney on unbuttered side of half the slices.
Top chutney w/2 oz sliced Blarney, gouda or smoked gouda cheese.
Place bread slice on top, buttered side out.
Over med-low heat, brown in a lrg skillet (turning once or twice) till cheese is melted (1-2 min per side).

NOTE: Is it not cute the way they have so meticulously told us how to assemble & cook a grilled cheese sandwich? I loved it!

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