Back and Chest Bodybuilding Workout

Back and Chest Bodybuilding Workout


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Find a better way to train and transform your body. This back and chest bodybuilding workout will show you the way to do it right.

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You probably also know, chest pressing is a compound movement that involves more than just the pecs. Your triceps and anterior delts (the front of the shoulder) are also heavily recruited.

The key to effective pressing is to minimize the involvement of the triceps and front delts while maximizing the involvement of the chest.

4 Unique Back Training Tips For Thick, Wide Lat Muscles

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4 simple but highly effective back training tips that you can start using right away to increase lat stimulation and growth.

These tips can be applied to both of the primary lat exercises you’ll be performing in the gym: pull-ups/pulldowns and rows.

Big lats will go a long way in enhancing your upper body width and thickness (while creating the illusion of a smaller waist) so make sure to pay close attention.

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