Eat Better Food



Scrumptious Fruit Dip

What You Need:

2 apples, peeled and diced
1 lb strawberries
2 kiwis, peeled and diced
8 oz. raspberries
3 T any flavor fruit preserves
10 (10 in) tortillas
brown sugar
olive oil cooking spray

How to Make It:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the tortillas into wedges.

Spray both sides of the wedges with the cooking spray.

Place the wedges in a single layer on a cookie sheet.

Sprinkle one side of the wedges with the cinnamon and brown sugar.

Bake for 8 minutes or until crisp.

Remove and allow cooling to room temperature.

Place the apples, strawberries, kiwis and raspberries into a large mixing bowl.

Stir until blended.

Add the preserves and mix together well.

Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour.