Cooking with Adrienne: A Story of Friendship and Food (Volume 1)

Cooking with Adrienne: A Story of Friendship and Food (Volume 1)

Cooking with Adrienne is a cookbook and true story of a woman who became the American doyenne of French cuisine during the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. She honed her palate on the food coming out of the kitchens of Alain Chapel, Frédy Girardet, Michel Guérard, Jean and Pierre Troisgros, Roger Verge and others who were creating the New French Cuisine. Adrienne began cooking in Paris with Simone Beck, co-author, with Julia Child, of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. She became an accomplished cook and helped to pave the way for many of these chefs to bring the New Cuisine to America. The author, Joan M. Harper, began travelling, eating and cooking with Adrienne and her husband more than 25 years ago. Just as Adrienne taught her to cook, Joan shares with us Adrienne’s favorite recipes from some of the greatest chefs of the twentieth century, as well as her own original dishes, carefully explained with the French terms and fancy kitchen jargon laid bare. Alongside the recipes are the equally delicious stories from Adrienne’s culinary travels: the month she spent cooking under the direction of three-star chef Jean Troisgros when he was a guest in their house in Mougin; She and her husband were the first Americans to visit Alain Chapel’s restaurant in Mionnay; sitting next to Julia Child and her husband in Michel Guérard’s Paris restaurant, Pot au Feu, and many, many more. The mysteries of making a sauce are revealed, from a simple jus to beurre blanc and hollandaise, as well as the basics of stock and vinaigrette. The recipes run the gamut from Raymond Thuilier’s Gratin Dauphinoise, Auberge de Noves’ Caneton en Papillotte, Adrienne’s own Pigeonneaux aux Morilles, Frédy Girardet’s Passion Fruit Soufflé to the simpler, but no less delicious, Tomate Provençal, Pasta with Pesto and Scallops, Lemon Chicken and Potatoes, and Moussaka. They all reflect Adrienne’s belief that all food is good food if prepared properly. When Adrienne developed a rare form of dementia – Primary Progressive Aphasia – which robbed her of the ability to cook, speak or write, Joan began gathering together all of Adrienne’s recipes and stories. The result is this book which captures the camaraderie between these two women, united in their love of cooking and eating the best food possible. A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to finding a cure for PPA.

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